Visa Procedures Support

For Foreigners who would like to enter and stay in Japan

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Permit us to reflect on a few point of our visa procedures business.
Generally, we help foreign (non-Japanese) people who would like to enter and stay in Japan by making application documents and  going to the Immigration Bureau to apply in your behalf.
For example, if you living abroad would like a long period of stay in Japan, "Certificate of Resident Eligibility" is requested. We send you "Certificate of Resident Eligibility", and you take it to Japanese Embassy in your country.Then when you enter Japan, you get "Residence status".
Moreover, if you living in Japan would like to continue to stay in Japan, you have to apply for "renewal" of your period of stay. If your circumstance changes, you are supposed to "change" Residence status.  We can make these application documents and apply to Immigration Bureau.
If you would like to know our business in detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please visit "Contact" page and you can find "Inquiry Form"  free of charge. Please fill out all items and push "確認(confirm)" button. Then you confirm your contents at the 2nd page, please push "送信(send)" button. 
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Price List (Estimate)
Application for the certificate of eligibility  100,000-150,000(JPY)
Permission to change Residence status     100,000-150,000(JPY)
Permission to extend period of stay            50,000-100,000(JPY)
Necessary expenses and taxes excluded.
We can send an exact quotation when you request. 

These applications can be handed in by the person(s) concerned in Japan or lawyers and "Gyoseisyoshi" (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist). 

We can deal with "permanent residence" and other permissions,too.Please feel free to ask us.